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    ❤ Friday, February 11, 2011
    #WhatsYourTalent is like playing brain power on DS Lite! So fun!!

    #WhatsYourTalent is like playing brain power on DS Lite! So fun!!

    11:47 AM

    ❤ Thursday, November 19, 2009

    i believe this blog is more or less dead.

    i wonder if it should be revived..

    or just melt away quietly...without anyone noticing..

    perhaps i should just start a new one. like starting a new life.

    12:35 AM

    ❤ Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    i wish i wish for....

    a DS Lite or DSi so i can play Nintendo Dogs with Lydia! (of course, try the game that she is so addicted with, pokemon pearl. LOL)

    & i wanna play ALOT of games at not much costs (hint hint)

    anyone wanna get it for me? :D:D

    anyway, the lovely boyf bought me a bag, a pair of shoes and leggings for my birthday! all that i needed. we just went out on a shopping spreeee! of course, one can never have too many shoes and bags isn't it!


    my life has been surrounded by kids recently. 3 year olds and pri 2s, man i need a whistle to blow cause my voice just aint loud enough. finally a day to rest tomorrow, i ought to start reading my News Studies notes to prepare for exam which i have no idea what he is going to test.


    4:16 PM

    ❤ Wednesday, September 9, 2009


    i needed to take a break from my News Studies workload to say.... I GOT ANOTHER DISTINCTION!!

    omg! gogo wonder girls and one tanned polar bear!

    We are the best group, like SERIOUSLY!

    3 more to go people! half a year more!

    hearts you: just got married fellow intern, golden village, smelly bff, tanned polar bear, dragonboat girl, gossip girl

    & of course the boyf who believed in me and always accompanying me to meetings!

    11:51 PM

    ❤ Sunday, September 6, 2009

    WOW. boy am i tired.

    just got back from lydia's wedding! all the way at bukit batok, a place i've rarely set foot on. it was great to see the boyf having fun teasing my uni mates! HAHAHAHA.

    been so packed the whole 2 weeks, running from place to place. interviews, school, project work, housework, work itself.. i can feel my energy draining out rapidly.

    like yesterday, just 1 and a half hours at st andrews junior was enough to drain out whatever energy i had left. and to think i wasn't teaching, but observing. badly traumatised.

    got alot of things lined up for me the next few weeks, preparing to throw myself into a deep pit.

    mon & tue: facilitator job at a pri sch far away in the west + project meeting
    wed: speech and drama lesson at kcpps
    thurs: project meeting
    fri: presentation
    following mon & tue: relief teaching at etonhouse
    wed: speech and drama lessons at kcpps.

    & so on & so forth.

    on a side note, i wont be planning a birthday party anymore. no location & too taxing at this period of time in my life. i guess it'll just be separate celebrations to whoever who would want to celebrate with me :)

    zzz got to go read up on the facilitator job now.

    12:54 AM

    ❤ Sunday, August 30, 2009

    ARGGHHHHH !#*&%^$#@!#$%^*&^%$#@!

    there isn't anything on theories of journalism! it's pissing me off big time. and i mean BIG TIME.

    have a job interview tomorrow at waterloo street, a long way to walk. with the blister on my toe, i figured that i will need much perseverance in order to get to the location.

    finally got mum to go parkway with me to change her birthday bag to a design she prefers and at least she manages to find one!

    guess what's the bag name!!!! not very tough if you know my mum...


    she kept giggling to herself when she saw the tag.

    i need to cut my hair, but i'm still trying to find a hairstylist. mine disappeared :(

    11:21 PM

    ❤ Friday, August 28, 2009

    i feel out.

    it was weird for you to ask and say those things. It made me wonder what i am to you all.

    oh well, now i know.

    PS: it's definitely not the lovely boyf.

    12:32 AM